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Inquela Ibn Shah
[*Shah Jahan x Timarie Princess Kasala]

Inquela Ibn Shah

[*Shah Jahan x Timarie Princess Kasala]

      1981 - 2009

This was the first stallion we acquired when we initiated our stud in 1991.  He produced some extra-ordinary foals for us, featured in our STARS WE PRODUCED section.  His offspring excells in all aspects of the Arabian horse's talents given to them, from stud duties to performance riding to endurance riding and also by just being a companion to its human master.  He died at the ripe old age of 28, having an eventful life.

Joni Maj Khiran - 12/01/1996 - 05/10/2004
Sire: *WD Majesty - Dam: *Khalehla

Joni Maj Khiran

[*WD Majesty x *Khalehla]

 1996 – 2004

Then we acquired this Straight Egyptian Arab Stallion, who represented an unique unification of his sire, WD Majesty 's supremacy, together with his dam, *Khalehla 's  benevolent nature.  Khiran's tail female line traces to the lovely mare, Farida, therefor his strain, Dahman Shawaniah.  Sadly he died in 2004 due to unforseen circumstances, leaving behind only 2 surviving offspring.   Ariq Haliira and Ariq Haniifah.











The Essence of our Arabian Horses outlasts fashion and endures the Centuries!