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" She carries her tail high, as well-bred Arabians do, and there is a neatness and finish about every movement, which remind one of a fawn or a gazelle.  We all agree that she is incomparably superior to anything we have seen here or elsewhere, and would be worth a king’s ransom, if kings were still worth ransoming."

Said of a mare by The Blunts in Syria

To see more info on our mares,  click on the pictures below.

Ariq Siesta
[Sidi Inaam x Sidi Bint Samira]

Ariq Sonyadohr
[Ariq Kai-Ashmak x Ariq Siesta]


To see more info on our mares,  click on their pictures.


Ariq Shamika (Part-bred mare)
Sired by Inquela Ibn Shah










The Essence of our Arabian Horses outlasts fashion and endures the Centuries!